Why the Future of Farming is in Cities – The Big Money in Vertical Farming

Future of Farming is in Cities

As the population grows, and we run out of farming land, along with climate change, the future of farming is to bring them into our cities. Creating high tech vertical farms that use aeroponics or hydroponics.


From an underground farm in London, to a Japanese office building with a rice paddy. Across the world people and companies are investing in creating new ways and technology to provide a more sustainable future.


Big name investors include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even the former McDonalds CEO Don Thompson. All pushing forward the technology of farming and agriculture.


Companies highlighted in this video: AeroFarms, Growing Underground, Square Roots (who have Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk, as a co-founder), the Open Agriculture Initiative, Persona Group, Farm One, Bowery, Plenty, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat.


Credit to : Venture City

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