What Is the 1,200 Miles Long Cloud on Mars All About? Scientists Clarify!

Futurist Space

As a planetary neighbor of the Earth, Mars has repeatedly become the focus of astronomical interest. But despite all colonization efforts of the Red Planet, the celestial body covered by iron oxide dust still poses enormous riddles. Among them is the regular appearance of a gigantic water ice cloud, which assumes imposing dimensions within a very short time, only to disappear again. After experts had racked their brains over the phenomenon for a long time, this cosmic mystery was finally solved recently! You want to know which exciting backgrounds really underlie this spectacle – and which Martian mysteries still have to be deciphered in the future? Then be sure to watch today’s video all the way to the end! But before we get started: Remember to leave us a Like and a subscription to stay up to date from now on! Tell us now in the comments what fascinates you most about Mars!

Credit TheSimplySpace