The Future of AI with GOOGLE CEO

The Future of AI with GOOGLE CEO (Sundar Pichai)

Sitting down and talking about the future of AI with Googles CEO Sundar Pichai was nothing short of amazing! He is such a brilliant mind and the most humble person imaginable, especial for someone who is so powerful! What an honor it was to interview him and I hope you enjoy the conversation we had 😊 00:00 Why should people start using Google’s AI? 01:30 What makes Googles AI better than Chat GPT? 02:29 Will there be a real form of AI consciousness? 03:39 What will AI look like in 5 to 10 years? 04:54 What happens if you don’t use AI? 05:32 Is Google Assistant fading away? 06:00 What are people using Gemini for? 07:24 What is your hope for AI in the future? #gemini #googleceo #sundarpichai Credit to : Hayls World

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