Scientists Just Dropped a Camera in the Deepest Hole in Antarctica & found a Terrifying Secret

The Deepest Hole in Antarctica

Our planet is home to millions of old and new species, some of which we have discovered while the rest are yet to be found. Scientists and even common people discover new species every single day, on land and in the vast oceans covering a major part of Earth. Despite the continuous efforts and expeditions, these oceans remain the least explored part of the planet. Right now, we know very little about what lies in the darkest corners of these immense water bodies. Especially the water that has remained covered by thick ice sheets for hundreds of thousands of years in Antarctica. But in the last few decades, experts have drilled holes in this ice and attempted to get a glimpse of what lies underneath. And what they’ve found is mind boggling to say the least. The icy continent is home to unique ecosystems that are poorly understood and creatures we have never seen before. But this wasn’t always the case,

Credit Future Unity

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