Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface controls Exoskeleton with the Power of ‘Thought’


Whenever we come to the field of bionics, science and technological advancements have proven the dictum ‘small is better’. Going along those lines, a group of Australian researchers have contrived an implantable device which has a size of a tiny paper-clip. But beyond its diminutive dimensions, the contrivance for all intents-and-purposes is a ‘bionic spinal cord’ that can be incorporated in a proximate area (blood vessel) next to the brain’s motor cortex. So simply put, the tiny device has the incredible ability to actually record high-quality signals emitted from the brain and then transmit them to any exoskeleton or bionic limb. And since the contraption is non-invasive, the entire process totally avoids the need for open brain surgery.

From our very good friends over at hexapolis. com

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