James Webb Telescope Just Detected 770 Trillion Stars DISAPPEARING!

Future Space

Today, we have the internet. We can easily log every little detail about our lives and upload it on to the web, where it’ll stay forever. So future generations can just look things up and they’ll be able to see everything that happened in our lives first hand. But for us in the present, things aren’t that easy. We have to put in thousands of hours of research to figure out what’s happened in the past, and with it, we can learn about how things might progress in the future. Well, in that research, scientists have discovered that there are areas in space where several galaxies have vanished, and now, something else has emerged, and it changes everything. Join us, as we figure out what happened that caused galaxies to disappear into the abyss, and what the new changes might mean for our future.

Credit Future Space

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