James Webb Telescope FINALLY Found What NASA Was Hiding On Pluto All Along…

Future Space

The dwarf planet Pluto is the furthest object in our solar system. Hundreds of thousands of minor icy planets and asteroids populate this region of space within the Kuiper belt. Once thought to be the ninth planet in our solar system, Pluto was named after Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld. Pluto, however, lost this standing in 2006. According to current scientific theories, the solar system contains innumerable asteroids, a small number of dwarf planets, and just eight planets. Our knowledge of the universe has expanded greatly over the past several centuries, and we now have a good idea of how planets operate, what they’re made of, and whether or not they may house humanity in the far future. But perhaps there is still a great deal to discover about the stars in our own galaxy.

Credit Voyager

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