Introducing the Jetovator : A Revolutionary new Water Sports Gadget

Introducing the JETOVATOR, a revolutionary new watersports accessory that uses your existing personal water-craft to elevate you to heights you never thought possible.

Combining the sleek body of a racing motorcycle with the aerial capabilities of a fighter aircraft, the JETOVATOR allows the rider to experience the thrill of flying with the ease of riding a bike. The intuitive controls allow first time riders to fly like professional pilots.

Climb to heights of up to 30ft, dive down to 10 ft below the water, and rocket above the surface at speeds up to 25mph. Amaze onlookers with awesome stunts like barrel-rolls and back flips. Engage in close contact formation flying with multiple Jetovators.

It’s time to turn off the video games…Saddle up…and Ride the Hose!

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