How eVTOLs could Disrupt The $49B Helicopter Industry

Electric Vertical take-off and Landing Vehicles

With an estimated 200 companies working on them, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles are taking the aviation industry by storm. And while vertical lift aircraft have existed for more than a century in the form of helicopters, eVTOLs could disrupt the $49 billion industry in certain segments due to their cheaper maintenance and operating costs. CNBC spoke with one startup, Archer Aviation, which counts United Airlines as one of its investors, about why we could see these new aircraft change how people travel.

1:33 Competing with helicopters
5:46 Archer Aviation
10:11 Challenges

Produced by: Andrew Evers
Narration and Editorial Support: Katie Tarasov
Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt
Additional Camera: Sydney Boyo
Graphics by: Jason Reginato
Credit to : CNBC

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