Autonomous Airbus Drones could be Flying us to work by 2027


Congestion in cities is at an all-time high, and there seems to be no respite in sight for exasperated motorists. One solution, aside from getting on board a packed train, is to avoid the chaos by taking to the skies. Personal flying cars remain something of a pipe dream, but Airbus belives autonomous commuter aircraft could be a solution to our congestion woes. What’s more, the company is actively working to make it happen within the next decade.

Airbus isn’t the first company to dip its toe into the aerial commuting waters. Joby is working on a 16-rotor commuter aircraft, Ehang has been cleared to test its 184 taxi drone in Nevada and Volocopter made its first manned flight in April this year. The idea of hopping into a multi-rotor autonomous taxi and flying to work might seem a bit Jetsons now, but there are plenty of people out there working to make it happen

From our very good friends over at newatlas. com

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