A Simple Explanation Of String Theory. What Does Reality Consist Of?

String Theory

To understand the true nature of reality, we need to understand what our world is made of. We know that the universe contains matter, which we thought was made up of atoms, but when we smashed them together, we discovered subatomic particles, like protons, neutrons, and electrons. And later, we found out that they are made of smaller fundamental particles – quarks and leptons. So it seems these are the smallest building blocks of reality. But the problem is, because they’re so tiny, we cannot see them, meaning electromagnetic waves are too big to bounce off of elementary particles and travel to our eyes. And this makes it harder to describe their properties and their behavior. So, we basically know particles this small exist, but we haven’t seen them just yet. And so to explain them, scientists have invented a theory that describes particles as points in space. This helped us to define them, predict, and then calculate their properties with extreme precision. For example, scientists have recently been able to measure a key quantum property of the electron at a precision of 1.3 parts in 10 trillion! So, just by imagining particles are points in space, physicists have created a good picture of the universe, which made it possible to advance science and develop technology we use nowadays. But while this understanding of our universe is good enough, it’s not complete.


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